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Where Do You Give Intramuscular Injections.

Coming to the places on our body where you can give intramuscular injections must be chosen with care. The method of preparing the equipment and the drug for this type of injection is the same with that of hypodermic injection. A syringe and needle of suitable size should be selected.

The three most common sites used for this injection are:

1.  The Buttocks

2.  The Thigh

3.  The Upper Arm



The injection should be given into the gluteal muscle in the upper, outer quadrant of the buttock. Now during the process of giving this injection, there are some important anatomical structures to be avoided in the other quadrant of the sciatic nerve, the superior gluteal nerve and the superior gluteal artery.

buttock injection



On the thigh, the outer aspect must be used as there are no major arteries or nerves lying between the muscle and the bone. Some patients most especially the active ones finds this site painful.

thigh injection



In the upper arm, the only suitable site is the deltoid muscle just below the shoulder joint. You should note that the circumflex nerve and the circumflex humeral artery lie between the muscle and the humerusat the level of the surgical neck of the bone; because of this, the depth of the injection must take into account and also the thickness of the individual’s muscle. Yes this is probably the site least favoured. The deltoid is always in use and the painful after effects of the injection may be felt for several days.

upper arm.
upper arm



If the patient is to be exposed, the bed should be screened and also the patient should be told what is going to happen. After the site must have been chosen, the skin should be cleaned with the ether swab. The needle should be inserted almost vertical ( the needle should be at right angle to the skin surface when in position.

Intramuscular injection
first position

The piston should be slightly withdrawn to ensure that the point of the needle is not in a vein.

Intramuscular injection
second position; slightly withdraw

Then the drug can be injected

Intramuscular injection
injecting the drug

The needle is withdrawn quickly and the area the drug is injected should be gently massaged with the swab. The patient should then be left in a comfortable position.

You should also note that if 1 ml of a drug has to be given from an ampoule of 10 ml, the cap of the ampoule should be swabbed with an ether swab. Only the exact amount of drug to be injected should be drawn up and if there is an air bubble in the syringe, it should be injected into the bottle.


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