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What Will Happen If You Have Ovarian Cysts In The Sides Of The Ovary.

what is an ovary?

Ovary is a female gland where the eggs are being formed or produced and also, it is where the female hormones like progesterone and estrogen are also being formed or made.

Ovulation in female ovary

The ovary has to do with the fertility, menstrual cycle and also pregnancy of a woman.

The hormones (estrogen and progesterone) play a vital role in a woman’s body shape, the breast development and also the growth of hair on the body of a woman.

In a woman’s body, there are about two ovaries which are located on each side of the uterus. It is in the ovaries that the eggs known as ova develops and mature.



Ovary cysts or ovarian cysts are sacs found on the surface of the ovary which are filled with fluid or liquid. I want you to know that these sacs that are filled with fluid(cysts) most times develop as a result of your menstrual cycle.

Ovarian cyst


The type or size of the cysts will determine what will happen to you. Ovarian cyst can become very large which at this time can lead to the displacement of the ovary from its original position; Now when this happens, it leads to pain which is as a result of ovary twist known as ovarian torsion. Because of this, the blood flowing to the ovary is being stopped as a result of the twist.

Another thing that will happen when you have ovary cysts is that if the ovary cysts keeps increasing in size and eventually ruptures, it can cause internal bleeding and also pains during vaginal intercourse.

Note that functional cysts develope when the ovaries grows the cysts monthly ovaries grows these cysts. The functional cysts don’t harm, they go away on their own in the period of two to three menstrual cycles. They are:

1.  Corpus luteum cyst:  This happens when an egg is being released by a follicle, the progesterone and the estrogen starts producing for conception or to conceive.

2.  Follicular cyst:  This happen when you are at the middle of your menstrual cycle and an egg comes out from its follicle and enters down to the fallopian tube.

Also note that there are no preventive measures to ovary cyst; like i said before now that the ovaries grows these cysts monthly. All you just need to do is to be observant; especially your menstrual cycle, to know when there are changes. You can as well visit the doctor regularly for a pelvic checkup and get to know your menstrual cycle duration; knowing when it has elongated than normal.


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