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What Are The Signs Of Inflammation In The Body.

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Yes there are different signs and symptoms of inflammation that you can see on your body. Remember that inflammation has to do with the reaction or response of the body tissues to irritations or injury. So this irritations can be caused by heat, cold, electricity, x-rays and micro organism invasion.

Well i want you to know that there are signs and symptoms that are acute and the ones that are not acute or severe.



When you have the following signs and symptoms of inflammation, just know that you need an immediate medical attention. The signs are as follows:

1.  A very high increase in temperature of above 37 degrees centigrade (99 degrees F)

2.  When you always have an increase in pulse and respiration rates.

3.  When you always have a dry mouth and a furred tongue (this is when the tongue is covered with a dense coat of fine silky substance).

4.  Anorexia ( This is when you start having an eating disorder which is being characterized by an abnormal low body weight).

5.  Starting to have decrease or less urination in a high gravity, then the colour of the urine becomes darker.



Note that all of these below occur due to various changes taking place in the tissues.

1.  You will discover that you will start having darkening and redness of skin.

2.  Having pains

3.  Swelling is some parts of the body

4.  Heat in the affected area

5.  Loss of function



This is a sign that you will see when there is an increase in blood supply to the part because the arterioles and capillaries become dilated ( enlarged). This is known as local hyperaemia. Stasis can also occur because of the slowing down of the blood flow.



Heat is felt in the part of the body and also to chemical changes which occur in the affected area. This is happens due to an increase in blood supply.



This is a sign that you will due to the increase of blood supply to the part of the body and also the slowing down of the blood flow.

Swelling is also a sign due to the exudation of fluid from the blood vessels and the migration of leucocytes. When this occurs, the leucocytes pass by amoeboid movement through the capillary walls into the tissues where they ingest any micro organisms present and also the damaged cells. This is known as phagocytosis.



This occurs due to the tension in the part and the pressure on the sensory nerve endings.



This is a natural reaction ,as the part is rested because of the swelling and the pain.


Lets talk about the results of inflammation


Suppuration : This is when the body defence have not been strong enough to overcome the irritation or injury pus. This pus consists of the damaged tissues, dead and living leucocytes and also dead and living micro organism.

Resolution :  The irritation or injury is overcome by the natural defences of the body without the formation of pus.

Toxaemia :  Here, if the inflammation was due to the invasion of micro organisms, these micro organisms may excrete poisonous substances known as toxins. These toxins may get into the blood stream and circulate round the body. This is known as toxaemia.

Septicaemia :  This occurs when the pathogenic micro organisms enter the blood stream and are growing and multiplying which causes a severe febrile illness.

Pyaemia :  This is the circulation of particles of infected blood clots in the blood stream. They may settle in other parts of the body, for example in the lungs, liver or brain and form pyaemic abscesses.




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