Weak Phone Battery Repair In Minutes


Weak Phone Battery Repair In Minutes.

The following steps below shows how to repair a phone battery that is weak.


Get an alcohol and a small bottle of an eye drop Pure a small amount of alcohol into the bottle. After that remove your phone battery,pure one drop of alcohol to the negative charge surface of the battery allow it to sink inside the surface and pure another drop into the positive charge surface and allow it to sink inside

Note:if the battery has three surface dot pure any drop in the middle

After that place it under the sun and allow the alcohol to dry in the surface of the battery for like ten minutes and fit the battery into your phone and enjoy


Get a fast charger and allow your phone to be fully charged after that remove the battery and allow it to cool down for about five minute then replace it back in to your phone and plug your phone back, wait until the battery is fully charge again and enjoy


This method of making battery more stronger is useful only for a phone with a removable battery


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