Video Of Mike Tyson Beating Up Passenger On Plane


Video Of Mike Tyson Beating Up Passenger On Plane.

One fan took his interaction with the famous boxer way too far and it resulted in a bloody altercation onboard a JetBlue flight! According to TMZ Sports, on Wednesday night at around 10:30 p.m., Mike boarded a flight from San Francisco International Airport that was headed to Florida.

A witness told the outlet that he was initially cool with the other passengers, including the witness and his friend. The 55-year-old even snapped selfies with them! Such a nice thing to do!

But, unfortunately, Tyson’s patience wore thin quickly when one fan just wouldn’t leave him alone. The insider’s pal was sitting behind the fighter and took it upon himself to continually talk in Mike’s ear, not stopping when he was asked to chill out.

That’s when Tyson ultimately threw several punches at the man’s face, resulting in a bloody forehead. Damn!

According to the witness, the athlete walked off the plane seconds after the attack and the victim received medical attention before speaking to the police.

Mike has yet to address the situation, but a source close to him did tell the outlet on Thursday morning that the man was very intoxicated and wouldn’t stop provoking him.

Tbh, that seems believable given the guy’s goofy attitude even after the fight!

Such as shame — he could have had such a great encounter with the star, but he just took it way too far. (Though, that’s certainly no excuse for Mike getting violent!) It’s unclear if any legal action will follow. Thoughts?

Watch the video below…


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