Veneers-What Are Veneers,Wood Veneer,Veneer Sheets


Veneers-What Are Veneers,Wood Veneer,Veneer Sheets.

Veneers are thin sheets or slice of sheets obtained from wood.Veneers are used for manufacturing laminated boards such as plywood, decorating furniture and making the faces of other types of composite boards. Remember these veneers,boards,plywood etc are gotten from wood which also is gotten from trees.

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Rotary Method

Rotary or peeling methods is the method commonly adopted.This is because it allows for mass production of veneer for commercial purposes.

Slicing Method

This method is used to produce decorative veneers.The slicing method involves securing the timber to the machine bed.

Sawing Method

The sawing method is the oldest method of producing veneer.This method wastes a lot of wood because of the saw kerfs produced during operation.



Talking about manufactured boards,They are man made wood produced that vary in size,weight and structure.

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Advantages of manufactured boards over solid wood

  1. They do not shrink and warp like solid wood
  2. They can be made in large flat sheets
  3. They can be worked and cut easily

Disadvantages of manufactured boards

  1. Some of them have rough edges
  2. They are costly
  3. Some of them can buckle if not properly stored




This consists of a product obtained by gluing three or more sheets of veneer together.They are arranged at right angles to each other.This arrangement reduces the risk of splitting or shrinkage and exceptionally strong because of its weight.

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Laminated Boards

This is made of narrow strips of wood of 3mm to 7mm wide and glued to one another,it is used for high class veneer furniture.

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Block  Board

This is made up of small timber blocks(block board) between 20mm and 25mm in thickness.It is inferior to laminated boards because less material is used for the core of the former.

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Chip or Particle Board

This board is made from particles of wood such as saw dust and shavings.It is used in homes for kitchen furniture.

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Hard Board

This is made from wood waste(smashed wood) with hardeners and holding agents,then compressed  under high temperature to produce hard boards.

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