Things You Need As A Prospective Corp Member To Take To Orientation Camp

Things You Need As A Prospective Corp Member To Take To Orientation Camp
Things You Need As A Prospective Corp Member To Take To Orientation Camp

Things You Need As A Prospective Corp Member To Take To Orientation Camp.

After the long wait occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world, fresh graduates of universities, polytechnics and colleges of education are set to resume a three week stay in National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientations camps across the country.

This piece focuses on essential items prospective corps members need for a three week stay in orientation camps.

1. Call Up Letter
This is the first item a prospective corps member needs; it is the ticket into camp. How do I mean? The call up letter is the document and evidence which shows that a graduate of a tertiary institution is eligible to be admitted into an orientation camp. Without this document, registration in camp will be impossible.

2. Photocopies of Documents
A prospective corps member should endeavour to run between 10-12 copies of all relevant documents, including school certificate or statement of result before resuming at NYSC orientation camp.

3. Passport Photographs
To avoid stress at the NYSC orientation camp, a prospective corps member should have at least 30 copies of passport size photographs. This should be enough for all forms required to fill out in camp. For corps members who wish to redeploy, make more than 30 copies.

4. Stationeries
Items like pen, paper, correction pens, staplers and pins will come in handy.

5. White T-shirt
Although corps members will be given two pairs of white T-shirts in camp, it would be wise to take some from home. Reason for this is that you may not be given your size (consider: oversize for very slim people, and undersize for plus size comrades). The number of T-shirts to take to camp is at the discretion of the corps member, but I suggest three (3) pairs as they may not have time to wash all the time.

T-shirts should be round neck.

6. White Shorts
Same as in point 5 above, prospective corps members need to take plain white shorts to camp. White T-shirts and shorts is the only uniform or dress code allowed in NYSC orientation camps. Depending on the orientation camp, corps members may not be allowed to wear coloured clothings to church or mosques on Sundays and Fridays respectively.

7. Plain White Sneakers
Prospective corps members are required to wear ONLY plain white sneakers or tennis shoes while in camp. Anything other than the stated colour or pattern is contraband. Although the service will provide corps members with white shoes labelled NYSC, it is wise for a corps member to take at least two plain white shoes with them to orientation camp. Reason for this is because you may not get your actual size.

8. White Stockings
Corps members are required to wear white stockings in orientation camps. I suggest three or more white stockings to add what will be given in orientation camp.

9. A Pair of Slippers
NYSC orientation camps are regimented and officials are particular about dress codes, but corps members need to take a pair of slippers with them to camp. You cannot imagine having a bathe with white shoes, can you?

10. Insecticide-Treated Net
NYSC orientation camps are usually fumigated and most times the procedure lasts until the end of camping or even more, but it is never a wise decision to leave anything to chance. This is the reason why a prospective corps member should go with an insecticide-treated net or mosquito net to camp. You do not want to be down with malaria, do you?

11. Disinfectant
Bathwater in most orientation camps, especially in northern Nigeria are ‘unclean’ and needs to be disinfected. Take disinfectants to orientation camp to minimise risk of an infection.

12. Basic Medication
NYSC orientation camp clinics are either inadequately equipped with medication or they quickly run out of basic medicines. To help yourself, carry medicines such as analgesics, allergy pills, nusuea relief pills etc.

13. Waist Pouch/Bag
The importance of this cannot be overemphasised. Therein, you can put your phones, petty cash, ATM cards, pens and other items that can fit in.

While I was at NYSC orientation camp in Ede, Osun State, many corps members slept with their waist bags to avoid losing valuable items.

14. Torchlight or Rechargeable Lamp
This item will come in handy if you need to do anything after lights out. You can use them in the bathroom early in the morning whilst you prepare for morning drill and meditation.

Most NYSC orientation camps disconnect the sockets to avoid electricity surge which may lead to a fire outbreak, but in case you go with a rechargeable torchlight or lamp, you can charge them at Mami market at little cost.

15. Cash
Owing to its grave importance, this should have been the number one item on the list. I do not need to tell you what cash can be used for at NYSC orientation camps, but if you do not like to eat camp food, I assure you you will need a lot of cash to get by in camp. Recharge cards, charging of devices, pleasure are other things you would need money for.

Ensure you go with an ATM card, in case you run out of cash before the end of orientation camp.

16. T[b]oiletries[/b]
Towels, handkerchiefs, tissue papers, sanitory pads etc.

17. Bedspread, Pillow and Pillow Case
While mattresses are given to prospective corps members in NYSC orientation camps, they should not expect that to come with a bedspread or pillow or pillow cases.

If you do not like stress, you can get these items at Mami market in your NYSC orientation camp, but expect it to be a little expensive compared to regular markets.

18. Plates, Cups, and Spoons
Go with a bowl and flat plates, food flask, cups and spoons for nourishment.

19. Padlock
People lose things at NYSC orientation camps, therefore, it is important to have this item to secure your bags and boxes.

20. Bucket
Except you can go 20 days without a bathe, you will need a plastic bucket.

BONUS. Something for Distraction

Sometimes it might get boring in NYSC orientation camp. At this point you will need something to distract you. A book, music device, handheld computer game etc. should suffice.

Meanwhile, according to the Director General of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), announced that Stream 1B would kick off orientation on Thursday, 3 December 2020 and end on Tuesday, 22 December, 2020.

Stream 2 of the same batch would resume in camp on Tuesday, 5 January 2021 and end on Monday, 25 January, 2021.

Stream 1A kicked off orientation on 10 November, 2020 and will end on Monday, 30 November, 2020.


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