Texas got hit by Hurricane Hannah



Texas got hit by Hurricane Hannah.

On Saturday, Hurricane Hannah struck the southeastern coast of the US state of Texas, with winds of 145 km / h, as Reuters reports with reference to the NHC National Hurricane Center.

Hannah, a Category 1 Saffir-Simpson five-level hurricane, first swept the coast of Padre Island and then swept into eastern Kennedy County, Texas, and struck 115 kilometers south of Corpus Christi. The wind destroyed the marinas in the bays and tore off the roofs of houses. NHC warned of tornado threat.

Hanna is the first hurricane for the 2020 Atlantic storm season, which is expected to be unlike any other in recent memory. Authorities will have to contend with sheltering and evacuating people while also maintaining social distancing protocols and other pandemic restrictions.

Hannah can also cause flash flooding, with rain up to 38 cm in southern Texas and northeastern Mexico.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has declared a disaster position for 32 counties in the state that are in the path of the storm.

The hurricane is predicted to weaken as it moves inland over southern Texas and northeastern Mexico.

The disaster will not affect offshore oil and gas production. Energy companies did not evacuate workers or shut down production on platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricane Hannah formed as a tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean and then intensified to a hurricane.



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