Teeth-How To Take Care Of Them


Teeth-How To Take Care Of Them.

The teeth is a white hard enamel structure that are borne on the jaws which helps us in biting, chewing and grinding of food.

Taking good care of the teeth and gums is important because :

  • Strong, healthy teeth are needed to chew and digest food well.
  • Painful cavities (holes in the teeth caused by decay) and sore gums can be prevented by good tooth care.
  • Decayed or rotten teeth caused by lack of cleanliness can lead to serious infections that may affect other parts of the body.

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Things To Do In Order To Keep The Teeth And Gums Healthy

  • Avoid sweets. Eating many sweets (sugar cane, candy, pastry, tea or coffee with sugar, soft or fizzy drinks like colas, etc) rots the teeth quickly.


  • Brush the teeth well every day and always brush immediately after eating anything sweet. Start brushing your children’s teeth as the teeth appears. Later, teach them how to brush their teeth themselves and also watch to see that they do it right.


  • Brush the teeth from top to bottom, not just from side to side. And also brush the front, back, top and bottom of all the teeth.

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  • Putting fluoride in the drinking water or directly on teeth helps prevent cavities. Some health programs encourages putting fluoride onto children’s teeth once or twice a year; especially if the natural fluoride in the water has been tested and is found to be below the recommended level. Most foods from the sea contain much fluoride.


  • Do not bottle feed older babies. Continual sucking of sweet liquid on a bottle bathes the baby’s teeth and causes early decay. It is best not to bottle feed at all.

Do not accustom children to sweets or soft drinks if you want them to have good teeth.

CAUTION : Fluoride is poisonous if more than a small amount is swallowed. Use with care and keep it out of the reach of children.



  • Use a twig of a tree. Sharpen one end to clean between the teeth and chew on the other end and use the fibers as brush.
  • You can tie a piece of rough towel around the end of a stick and use it as a toothbrush.


  • Make a tooth powder by mixing salt and bicarbonate of soda in equal amounts. To make it stick, wet the brush before putting it in the powder.
  • Salt with soda works as well as toothpaste for cleaning teeth. If you do not have bicarbonate of soda, just use plain salt. Even water and brush alone is enough if you rub it well.



To keep it from hurting as much or forming an abscess, avoid sweet things and brush well after every meal.

If possible, see a dental worker right away. If you go soon enough, he or she can often clean and fill the tooth so that it will last for many years.

When you have a tooth with cavity, do not wait until it hurts a lot. Have it filled by a dental worker right away.



To Calm The Pain :

  • Clean the hole in the tooth wall, removing all food particles. Then rinse the mouth with warm salt water.
  • Take a pain reliever like aspirin.
  • If the tooth infection is severe (swelling, pus, large tender lymph nodes), use an antibiotic : tablets of penicillin or sulfonamide or tetracycline capsules.

If the pain does not go away or keeps coming back, the tooth should probably be pulled. Treat the abscesses right away before the infection spreads to other parts of the body.

A toothache results when a cavity becomes infected; and an abscess results when the infection reaches the tip of a root and forms a pocket of pus.



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