Technology-Definition,Products of Technology


Technology-Definition,Products of Technology

Technology can be defined as an open knowledge or ideas,skills and procedures for making,doing or using things in specifiable and repeatable ways.

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Technological Products Around Us

All around us are things made through technology or by technological ways of doing or using things.Things made with technology are products of technology. Examples are bicycle,motorcycle,aircraft,farm tractors,wristwatch,cooking pots,lantern,computer,camera,electric pressing iron,motor vehicle etc. Some scientific ways of doing things as in accountancy,management,building construction,medical practice,engineering,information,and communication are regarded as Technology.

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The Concept Of Technology

There are different views about technology.Some people think that technology comprises those things produced by technology while other people think that technology is the idea behind or the idea used in producing or using things.If technology means the products of technology,then some countries would become technologically developed by simply buying those products of technology.But practically ,the country that buys the products of technology does not become automatically technologically developed.Rather,it is the ability to produce technologically that makes a country to be technologically developed.

Technology can be simple or complex;it caccn be high or low.But always,it has to do with wise work that has a scientific idea behind it.


Products Of Technology

There are high level technology products which includes motor vehicle,satellite,aircraft,submarine etc. While products of low level technology includes the bellows used by blacksmiths,traditional weaving and dyeing crafts,traditional grains storage and preservation method.

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Products Of Technology Around Us

  1. The food we eat
  2. The clothes we wear
  3. The modern houses we build
  4. Means of transportation,entertainment
  5. Means of communication,electricity power


Characteristics Of Technology

  1. The scientific ideas and findings guide activities in technology.
  2. It is open to people of every race and place provided they have a ready mind to study and the right attitude to practice.
  3. It is a certain wise way of making,doing or using things.
  4. It improves outcomes


Life Application Of Technology

The development of technology depends on people who love creative change and the use of wisdom with the right attitude as their general way of life.People with inquiring and creative minds and good for everyone will always develop technologically.They will always use technology and the right attitude to overcome the limitations of their environment.Nowadays,the economic power of a country does not depend on its having a large population or abundant natural resources but rather on technology.


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