Swollen Feet-Causes And Treatment


Swollen Feet-Causes And Treatment.

Swollen feet may be caused by a number of different problems, some minor and others more serious. But if the face or other parts of the body are also swollen, it is usually a sign of serious illness.

Feet of people with diabetes, dull and swollen. due to the toxicity of diabetes placed



  • Women’s feet sometimes swell during the last three months of pregnancy (this is usually not serious).
  • Swollen feet can be caused by the weight of the child that presses on the veins coming from the legs in a way that limits the flow of blood in a pregnant woman.
  • If the woman’s hands and face also swell, she feels dizzy, has problems seeing or does not pass much urine, she may be suffering from poisoning or toxemia of pregnancy. Seek for medical attention immediately.
  • Old people who spend a lot of time sitting or standing in one place often get swollen feet because of poor circulation of blood.
  • Swollen feet in old people may also be due to heart trouble or less commonly kidney disease.
  • Swelling of the feet in small children may be a result from anemia or malnutrition. In severe cases, the face and hands may also become swollen (kwashiorkor).
  • swollen feet can also be caused by too much alcohol consumption, if your feet swells after taking alcohol, it means that your kidney and liver have started malfunctioning or having issues.



To reduce swelling of the feet, treat the sickness that causes it. Use little or no salt in food. Herbal teas that make people urinate a lot usually help (corn silk tea). Make sure you take a lot of water.

Also do the following when your feet are swollen :

  • Do not spend time sitting with your feet down. This makes them swell more.
  • When you sit, put your feet up high. This way, the swelling becomes less. Put your feet up several times a day.
  • Also sleep with your feet raised with pillows.


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