Step By Step On How To Repair Crankshaft Position Sensor Video


Step By Step On How To Repair Crankshaft Position Sensor Video.

There is one thing you have to know about crankshaft sensor, once it gets a fault and malfunctions, the car will not start; reason being that the engine has lost its timing signal.

Coming to fuel injected cars, Make use of the computer system with the help of the signal from the voltage and locate the crankshaft at the cylinder with the rpm of the engine.

Coming to crankshaft sensor in different cars, some cars crankshaft sensor functions on its own while so many works together with camshaft sensor.


The crankshaft sensor is located behind the pulley that is the crankshaft pulley, which is found under the timing cover.


You will have to remove the parts surrounding the sensor for you to be able to get to the sensor.


For you to remove or unplug the sensor wire connector, on every side of the connector, pull the tangs out. After that, you can then pull the connector away from the sensor.


Before lifting the sensor from the engine, you will have to remove the bolts that are grabbing or holding the sensor on the engine block.

Make sure that you don’t over tight the bolts when trying to put or install another sensor because you might end up damaging the new sensor. After that, you can fix in or plug in the harness connector wire in such a way that it will lap or snap on top or over the connector. You can then fix back the rest of the parts you removed to get to the sensor earlier.



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