Signs That Shows That Labor Is Near-Baby Is Coming



Signs That Shows That Labor Is Near-Baby Is Coming.

The signs listed below shows how close or near for a pregnant woman to give birth.

  • Usually, a few days before labor begins, the baby moves lower in the womb. This lets the mother breathe more easily, but she may need to urinate more often because of pressure on the bladder. In the first birth, these signs can appear up to 2 weeks before delivery.


  • A short time before the labor begins, some thick mucus (jelly) may come out. Or some mucus may come out for 2 or 3 days before labor begins. Sometimes it is tinted with blood. This is normal.


  • The contractions (sudden tightening of the womb) or labor pains may start up to several days before childbirth; at first a long time usually passes between contractions—several minutes or even hours. When the contractions become stronger, regular and more frequent, labor is beginning.


  • Some women have a few practice contractions weeks before labor. This is normal. On rare occasions, a woman may have false labor. This happens when the contractions are coming strong and close together, but then stop for hours or days before childbirth actually begins. Sometimes walking or an enema will help calm the contractions if they are false or bring on childbirth if they are real. Even if it is a false labor, the contractions help to prepare the womb for labor.

Labor pains are caused by contractions or tightening of the womb. Between contractions, the womb relaxes.

During contractions, the womb tightens and lift up.

The contractions cause the cervix or door of the womb to open a little more each time.

  • The bag of waters that holds the baby in the womb usually breaks with a flood of liquid sometimes after labor has begun. If the waters break before the contractions start, this usually means the beginning of labor. After the waters break, the mother should keep very clean. Walking back and forth may help bring on labor more quickly. If labor does not start within 12 hours, seek for medical help.


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