Senior Bradford nurse survives 40-day coronavirus coma

Senior Bradford nurse survives 40-day coronavirus coma.

A senior nurse who had been in a coma for 40 days with coronavirus has been given an emotional send-off from hospital by her colleagues.

Ayesha Orlanda, 52, a senior sister at Bradford Royal Infirmary, had been in intensive care for 41 days after being admitted in May.

She had been critically ill but says she now has a “second chance at life”.

Staff from four wards gathered to applaud her leaving their care after nine-and-a-half weeks in hospital.

Ms Orlanda, who lives in Bradford and is originally from the Philippines, had initially been looked after in the intensive care unit where she was put on a ventilator because she had become critically ill.

The senior sister, who works on the acute dialysis unit, eventually regained consciousness and was moved on to another ward to continue her recovery, spending a total of 67 days in hospital.

She said: “I feel like I have been given a second chance at life; I am one of the lucky ones.”

Ms Orlanda added: “I learnt a lot from this journey – it’s really hard to be a patient when you’re a nurse.

“I understand so much now about how important it is to be there for your patients, to spend time talking to them and to try and slow down.

“Be patient with your patients.”


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