Schistosomiasis Symptoms-Prevention,Spread And Treatment


Schistosomiasis Symptoms-Prevention,Spread And Treatment.

The most common schistosomiasis symptoms is blood in the urine. This infection is caused by a kind of worm that gets into the bloodstream. Schistosomiasis is also known as Bilharzia or snail fever.


It is one of the blood flukes and is common and much in Africa. In areas where the disease is known to occur, any person who has blood in his urine should have his urine checked under a microscope too see if it has fluke eggs. If some are positive, others in the community should also be checked.



  • The most common schistosomiasis symptom is blood in the urine, especially when passing the last drop.
  • Pain may occur in the lower belly and between the legs. It is usually worse at the end of urinating. Low fever and itching may occur.
  • After months or years, the kidneys may be badly damaged; causing general swelling and death.
  • The infected person starts having cough and also rashes on the skin.
  • Initially when you get infected by schistosomiasis, you will start feeling sick or ill
  • You will start having high blood pressure; because some of the eggs goes to the liver when they enter into your body. This causes the high blood pressure through the liver.



Blood flukes are not spread directly from person to person. Part of their life must be inside a certain kind of small water snail

Blood flukes spread in the following ways :

  • Infected person urinates in water
  • Urine has worms eggs in it.
  • Worm eggs hatch and go into snail
  • Young worms leave snail and go into another person that uses the water; may be in a swimming pool.
  • In this way, someone who washes or swims in the water where an infected person or persons have urinated or used also become infected.

To prevent schistosomiasis, cooperate with programs to kill snails and treat infected persons. But most important : Everybody should learn to urinate in the latrines or toilets and never urinate in or near water.



Treat with metrofinate. Praziquantel and oxamniquine may also be used but are more expensive. For Dosages, you can see Here

Medicines should be given under the direction of an experienced health worker.

NOTE : Another kind of blood fluke infects the gut and causes bloody diarrhea. Stools are infected with worm eggs. So once again, it is important to use latrines and toilets and never to defecate near drinking water or where people bathe.


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