Scabies-Symptoms,Causes And Treatment


Scabies-Symptoms,Causes And Treatment.

Scabies also known as seven year itch is especially common in children. It causes very itchy little bumps that can appear all over the body. Between the bumps are pin-head sized dark scabs.



They are most common :

  • Between the fingers.
  • On the wrists.
  • Around the waist.
  • On the genitals.
  • Small itchy sores on the penis and scrotum of young boys are almost always scabies.



  • Scabies is caused by little animals like mites, which make tunnels under the skin.
  • It is spread by close skin contact in the family or by clothes and bedding.
  • Scratching can cause infection, producing sores with pus and sometimes swollen lymph nodes or fever.



  • If one person has this disease, everyone in the family should be treated.


  • Personal cleanliness is of first importance. Bathe and change clothes daily. Wash all clothes and bedding and hang them under the sun.


  • Wash the whole body vigorously with soap and warm water.


  • Apply benzyl benzoate lotion on the whole body except the face. Allow the lotion to dry and leave for 24 hours.


  • Next day, wash and repeat the application for another 24 hours.


  • After treating, put on clean clothes and use clean bedding.

NOTE : If benzyl benzoate is not available, the alternatives are :

  • Lindane : Mix this with body rubbing oil, 1 part in 15 parts of oil. Apply after washing. Then Wash off thoroughly the next day. Repeat after 1 week . Lindane is more toxic and can cause poisoning. It should not be used for very young children, or for mothers who are pregnant or breast feeding.


  • Another way of applying lindane is to put 4 drops on half a lemon. Leave for 5 minutes and then rub the lemon over the whole body, except the face.


  • Monosulfiram as Tetmosol soap. Apply this like benzyl benzoate, allowing the lather to dry on. Wash off the next day and repeat once or twice. Subsequently use the soap for family washing in the ordinary way.


  • Sulfur may be made into an ointment with lard or mixed with body oil, and used for several days. It does work but much more slowly.




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