Russian Jets Deployed to Southern Syria to Stop Israeli Attack

Russian Jets Deployed to Southern Syria to Stop Israeli Attack.

On Tuesday, the Russian publication Avia.Pro reported that the Russian Air Force intercepted an Israeli warplane during the latter’s attack on Damascus last night.

“Despite claims that Russia may not have control over the airspace over the region, it turned out that a few minutes before the IDF strike, Russia had lifted its military aircraft from the Hemeimeem airbase, which allegedly took off in a southeast direction,” the publication noted, “the take-off of Russian aviation assets was recorded at 09:47 pm, while Israel launched an attack at 09:48 pm.”

According to Avia.Pro, the Russian Air Force could have stopped the Israeli attack after deploying their jets to southern Syria last night.

“Given the distance from Hemeimeem airbase to Damascus, Russian aircraft could have covered it in a matter of minutes, but analysts believe that Russia couldn’t have prevented the IDF from continuing its strikes as the attack was carried out from airspace controlled by the Israeli military.”

While the Kremlin has made no mention of this claim, there have been similar reports about the Russian Air Force intercepting Israeli aircraft in the past.

However, despite these claims, the Israeli military was able to hit some sites around the Sahnaya suburb of Damascus. A report from the Syrian capital said that the Syrian Arab Army was able to down some of the Israeli missiles, but a few others managed to hit their intended targets.



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