Rehydration-Drink,Warning And Caution


Rehydration-Drink,Warning And Caution.

Rehydration is the process by which fluid or water is being restored or replace in the body whenever dehydration occur.

In some countries, packets of a simple sugar (glucose) and salts for making a rehydration drink are sold in stores and also available in health centers or posts. While these packets are sometimes convenient, a homemade mix using cereal combats diarrhea as well or better.

A home mix using sugar and a little salt also works well. It is better to make home mix. Make sure that you continue giving breast milk to a baby with diarrhea. After that, you can start giving food as soon as the sick child will accept it. Giving food together with rehydration drink to combat dehydration more effectively and protects the child from becoming weaker.

WARNING : In some countries, packets of “ORS” (oral rehydration salts) are sold in a variety of preparations, which require different amounts of water for correct preparation. If you use ORS packets, make sure that you know how much water to mix with it.

Too little water can be dangerous.

CAUTION : If you plan to take a child with diarrhea to the health center or hospital, always give him or her lots of liquids and if possible a homemade rehydration drink, before you leave home. And if you can take some of the drink or even plain water with you, to give to the child on the way to the health center or hospital. Give the child the drink often as much as he or she will take.

If the child is vomiting, you can give small quantities every minute. Some of the drink will stay inside and it will also help reduce vomiting.


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