Rats Destroy ABSU Student’s Property During Lockdown-Photos



Rats Destroy ABSU Student’s Property During Lockdown-Photos.

An unpleasant surprise was waiting for a student of Abia State University when he returned to his room at school after being away for months due to the lengthy.

The student found that rats had destroyed his books, chargers, Xbox pads, and his food stuff.

He shared photos showing the extent of damage done to his properties. He revealed that he killed 13 out of 15 rats found in his room and he shared photos of the dead rats.

See his post and pictures below

I went to school to collect somethings I needed from my Room and Behold.. RATS!!! Ate my books, my chargers, My Xbox padsLoudly crying faceLoudly crying face

How was I supposed to know that Rats like Satchet Tomatoes and Satchet Milo? Man shrugging. I killed 13, 2 escaped shaUnamused face.

So All of you shouting That school should resume Next Year you people should get ready oh. Only 4 months and 15 rats already
If school resumes Next year We’ll start selling Rat Meat Face with tears of joy

Please Absu Students try and go check out for your things ooo


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