Pregnancy symptoms and signs and how to stay healthy during pregnancy


Pregnancy symptoms and signs and how to stay healthy during pregnancy.

The following below are pregnancy signs that are normal:

  • The woman misses her period (this is often the first sign).
  • Morning sickness (nausea or feeling you are going to vomit, especially in the morning). This is worse during the second and third months of pregnancy.
  • She may have to urinate more often.
  • The belly gets bigger.
  • The breast gets bigger.
  • A darker line may appear on the belly from the umbilicus downwards.
  • Finally, during the fifth month or so, the child begins to move in the womb.


  • It is very important to eat well. The body needs enough of all foods, particularly foods rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals especially iron.


  • Use iodized salt to increase the chances that the child will be born alive and will not be retarded. (But to avoid swelling of the feet and other problems, do not use very much salt).


  • Keep clean. Bathe or wash regularly and brush your teeth every day.


  • In the last month of pregnancy, it is perhaps best to avoid sexual contact to keep from breaking the bag of waters and causing an infection.


  • Avoid taking medicines if at all possible. Some medicines can harm the developing baby. As a rule, only take medicines recommended by a health worker or doctor. If a health worker is going to prescribe a medicine and you think that you might be pregnant, let the heath worker or health worker know. You can take acetaminophen (paracetamol) or antacids once in a while if you need them. Vitamin, folic acid and iron pills are often helpful and do no harm when taken in the right dosage.


  • Do not not smoke or drink during pregnancy. Smoking and drinking are bad for the mother and harm the developing baby.


  • Stay far away from children with measles, especially German measles.


  • Continue to work and get exercise but try not to get too tired.


  • Avoid pesticides or chemical fumes. They may harm the developing baby



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