Postpartum Hemorrhage-Medicine For Treatment,Dosage


Postpartum Hemorrhage-Medicine For Treatment,Dosage.

Postpartum hemorrhage can be referred to as severe bleeding or loss of blood after delivery or child birth. This may happen after 24 hours of child delivery and may also last for about 12 weeks.

As a general rule, oxytocics (ergonovine, oxytocin, etc) should only be used to control bleeding after the baby is born. Their use to speed up labor or to give strength to the mother in labor can be dangerous both to the mother and the child.

These medicines should never be given until the baby is born and better not until until the the placenta or afterbirth has come out too. If there is much bleeding before the afterbirth comes out (but after the child has been born, 1/2 ml (5 units) of oxytocin can be given by intramuscular injection.

Do not use ergonovine before the afterbirth comes out, as this may prevent it from coming out.

Pituitrin is similar to oxytocin, but more dangerous and should never be used except in a case of emergency bleeding when oxytocin and ergonovine are not available.

For bleeding in the newborn child, use vitamin k. Vitamin k is of no use for bleeding after childbirth, miscarriage or abortion.



This medicine often comes in injections of 0.2 mg in a 1 ml ampule tablets of 0.2 mg. It helps to prevent or control severe bleeding after the placenta has come out.

Dosage of injectable  ergonovine

For severe bleeding (more than 2 cups) after the afterbirth (placenta) has come out, give 1 or 2 ampules (0.2 to 0.4 mg) of ergonovine by intramuscular injection (or 1 ampule by intravenous injection in extreme emergencies).

Dose may be repeated if necessary in half an hour to an hour. Change to ergonovine tablets as soon as bleeding is under control.

Dosage for ergonovine by mouth

Using tablets of 0.2 mg. To prevent severe bleeding after giving birth or to lessen the amount of blood loss (especially in mothers who are anemic) give 1 tablet 3 or 4 times daily beginning when the afterbirth comes out.

If bleeding is heavy, 2 tablets can be given in each dose.


OXYTOCIN (Pitocin)

This drug comes in ampules of 10 units in 1 ml. To help stop severe bleeding of the mother after baby is born and before the afterbirth comes out. It also helps bring the afterbirth out, but should not be used for this unless there is severe bleeding or great delay.

Dosage of oxytocin for the mother after the baby is born

Inject 1/2 ml (5 units). If severe bleeding continues, inject another 1/2 ml in 15 minutes.


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