Photos Of A Man Tortured With Cutlass By OSPAC For Fighting In Rivers State



Photos Of A Man Tortured With Cutlass By OSPAC For Fighting In Rivers State.

A man has been dehumanized & tortured by men of the ONELGA Security and Planning Committee (OSPAC) in Rivers State.

According to photos and information shared by a concerned person who doesn’t want his name mention for security reasons.

In his chat, he revealed that One Mr. Smile Edward came to the rescue of his younger brother who was battered by a 47year man. This led to a fight and he ( Smile) used a bottle to smash on his head at Okogbe Town in Ahoada Local west local Govt Area of Rivers State.

This resulted to the involvement of OSPAC, they came, took him away, detained and tortured him with cutlass.

He wrote:

On the 23rd of August 2020, around 8pm. Mater Smile Edward met one Mr. Ezimna beating up his (Smile) immediate younger brother in a restaurant that happens to be owned and manage by Ezimna’s younger brother.
The beer palor is commonly known as Ogbodor in Okogbe community in Ahoada West Local Government Area Rivers State.

The said Mr. Smile could not bear the pains seeing an aged man of 47 years beating a boy. So he retaliated into the matter

In the process, he used bottle and break hit Mr. Ezimna on his head.

The owner of the pear Pallor called OSPAC without hesitation on the ground that the said Smile hit bottle on his elder brothers head.

Ogbodor vowed never to release the boy alive.

He was under OSPAC custody from that 23rd of August without food nor water till yesterday 31st of August 2020.

But the funniest part is that Ospac maltreated this guy by cutting of his left hand , his left leg that he can never make use of them till death.


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