One dead, eight others injured in DC shooting

One dead, eight others injured in DC shooting.

One person has died and eight others were injured in a shooting in Washington, DC, on Sunday afternoon, police said.

The three suspects “came out of a vehicle” and “ran down the block” before opening fire on a group of nine people, DC Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham said.
The shooting appears to be targeted, the police chief said. Two of the men had long guns, and the third had a pistol, he said.
The nine victims were all adults, eight men and one woman. Two of the injured are in serious condition, and the others suffered non-life-threatening injuries, Newsham said at a press conference.
The incident comes amid a spate of gun violence in major cities across the country this summer.
“This type of brazen daylight activity in a very, very busy block, I’m sure, is scary for this community,” Newsham said. “I don’t know what people are thinking if they think they can enter a block and lay down that many rounds. They’re putting everyone in this community in jeopardy.”


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