Nnamdi Kanu Blast Obasanjo-Why Are You Asking For Restructuring After Going To War Against It


Nnamdi kanu blast obasanjo during his live broadcast, he has asked Obasanjo why he is begging for Restructuring after 53 years he killed 5 million people who stood for a restructured Nigeria.


According to him, ”There was a dialogue held in Ghana between Gowon and Ojukwu for a restructured Nigeria and everybody agreed to the treaty only for Gowon to turn back and Continue the killing of Biafrans which led to the declaration of Biafra.

Nnamdi kanu asked, why did Obasanjo killed millions of Biafrans over the same Restructured Nigeria his is begging today.

Obasanjo cannot go to war 53 years ago to kill Restructure only to turn back today to start begging for Restructuring again.

That’s why i (Nnamdi Kanu) always say that the brain of a black man is really a mess.


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