My iPhone won’t turn on and it just goes to the Apple logo and turns back off

My iPhone won’t turn on and it just goes to the Apple logo and turns back off.

If you’ve tried to turn on your iPhone with the instructions above but it’s still lifeless, black screen, no sounds, no vibrations—then it’s most likely that your iPhone’s battery has completely discharged.

Try a Force Restart

If your iPhone is powered up but unresponsive and you can’t even shut it down, try performing a force restart on your device.

Stuck at Apple Logo? Try Recovery Mode

If your iPhone powers up but gets stuck at the Apple logo screen (or anywhere else), and doing a force reset hasn’t helped, you can reinstall iOS by plugging your iPhone into a Mac or PC and turning on Recovery Mode in the Finder or iTunes.

Note: If you do this, you’ll lose all the data on your iPhone you haven’t backed up, so it should only be used as a last resort.

Best option: Try “Dr. Fone iPhone Repair”

If you have no idea how to fix iPhone stuck on the Apple logo and want to enjoy the easiest way to solve it.

I would recommend Dr. Fone iPhone Repair. The Dr.Fone team has specifically designed Dr.Fone – System Repair to get rid of different iPhone issues, such as the ‘stuck on the Apple logo’ problem that you are facing.

If nothing above has worked, then some part of your iPhone is faulty. It could be one or more broken buttons, a bad battery, a bad circuit board, or a bad screen. In this case, it’s best to seek repair from a qualified technician or contact Apple Customer Support.


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