Massive fire burning at Texas plastics plant-watch video



Massive fire burning at Texas plastics plant-watch video.

Massive explosion and fire at Houston, Texas petrochemical plastics plant; 2 confirmed fatalities. Authorities say polypropylene, a tough, cheap thermoplastic, was burning and emitting fumes into the air but that authorities expected it to dissipate quickly.

The clarified later that the two products used to make polypropylene — which is propylene and liquid nitrogen — are the products coming out of the valves at the warehouse and being released into the air.

Houston is a major gas and oil hub and the region has a long history of industrial accidents, including two fires at an ExxonMobil facility last year (one of which injured 37 people), a multi-day fire at a Intercontinental Terminals Co. chemical storage facility in March 2019 that leaked huge amounts of toxin and sent hundreds seeking treatment for benzene exposure, and a 2005 disaster at a BP refinery in Texas City that killed 15 and injured 180 others.

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