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Lower Belly Pain In Women And Their Causes.

Lower belly pain in women can come from many different causes. The following list will help you know where to look and what to do.



  • Menstrual discomfort : It could be worst shortly before or during pregnancy.


  • A bladder infection : This is one of the most common that causes low mid-belly pains. Here, urination can be very frequent or painful.


  • Pelvic inflammation disease : this is almost always a late stage of gonorrhea or chlamydia, with pain in the lower belly and fever. If these signs are mild, first treat gonorrhea by giving tetracycline or erythromycin for 14 days. For more severe signs, give 400 to 500 mg of metronidazole, 3 times a day for 10 days. If the woman is using an intrauterine device (IUD), it may need to be removed. See a health worker.


  • Problems that are related to a lump or mass in the lower part of the belly : This can be caused by cancer or ovarian cyst. A special examination is needed, done by a trained health worker.


  • Ectopic pregnancy : This is when the baby begins to develop outside the womb. Usually there is severe pain with irregular bleeding. The woman will often have signs of early pregnancy and feels dizzy and weak. Make sure you get medical help immediately because her life is in danger.


  • Complications from an abortion : There may be fever, bleeding from the vagina with clots, abdominal pain, difficulty in urinating and shock. Start giving antibiotics as for childbirth fever and get the woman to the hospital at once. Her life is in danger.


  • An Infection or other problems of the gut or rectum : Here, you can feel pain when eating or may be when you are having a bowel movement (using the toilet).

Some of the above problems are not serious. Others are dangerous, and also know that they are not easy to differentiate, all you need to do is to visit a hospital because special tests or examinations may be needed.


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