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List Of Recognised Medical Abbreviations And Meanings

There are some recognised medical abbreviations of medical terms which are used by doctors when prescribing drugs. Some of these abbreviations are derived from latin terms. In order to have a full understanding of the drugs prescribed for the patients under his or her care, the nurse should be familiar with the English meaning of these abbreviations.

aa = ana(latin) = of each

a.c = ante cibos(latin) = before meals

ad = adde(latin) =up to

ad lib = ad libitum(latin) = to the desired amount

ad sat = ad saturandum(latin) = to saturation

aq = aqua(latin) = water

aq. dest = aqua destillata(latin) = distilled water

aq.m.pip = aqua menthae piperitae(latin) = peppermint water

b.d or b.i.d = bis in die(latin) = twice a day

B.P = British pharmacopoeia

C = Centigrade

c = cum(latin) = with

dil = dilue(latin) = dilute

ext = extractum(latin) = extract

ext.liq = extractum liquidum(latin) = liquid extract

Fahr.(F) = Fahrenheit

g = gram

gr = granum(latin) = grain

inf = infusm(latin) = an infusion

mist = mistura(latin) = mixture

N. or noct. = nocte(latin) = at night

ol = oleum(latin) = oil

p.c = post cibos(latin) = after meals

p.r = per rectum(latin) = by the rectum

p.r.n = pro re nata(latin) = as the occasion arises

pulv = pulvis(latin) = powder

q.d or q.d.s = quater in die(latin) = four times a day

q.q.h = quartis horis(latin) = four hourly

R = recipe(latin) = take

s.s = semis(latin) = a half

s.o.s = si opus sit = if necessary(once only)

stat = statim(latin) = immediately

t.d,t.i.d or T.D.S =ter in die(latin) = three times daily

tinct = tinctura(latin) = tincture

ung = unguentum(latin) = ointment

PMS = Premenstrual syndrome

PT = Physical therapy

PTH = Parathyroid hormone

PUD = Peptic ulcer disease

q.d. = Each day.

q.i.d. = Four times daily.

q2h = Every 2 hours.

q3h = Every 3 hours.

qAM = Each morning.

qhs = At each bedtime.

qod = Every other day.

qPM = Each evening.

s/p = Status post. A person who had a knee operation .

SAD = Season affective disorder.

SOB = Shortness of breath.

SQ = Subcutaneous. Ordering an injection given into the fatty tissue under the skin, such as with insulin for diabetes mellitus.

T&A = Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

t.i.d. = Three times daily.

tab = Tablet

TAH = Total abdominal hysterectomy

TAH = Total abdominal hysterectomy. This where a woman’s uterus, Fallopian tubes, and ovaries are being removed.

THR = Total hip replacement

TKR = Total knee replacement

ULN = Upper limits of normal

URI = Upper respiratory infection.

ut dict = As directed

HAPE = High altitude pulmonary edema

AMI = Acute myocardial infarction

FSH = Follicle stimulating hormone

IBS = Irritable bowel syndrome

IDDM = Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

PE =Pulmonary embolism.

SIDS =Sudden infant death syndrome

NBCCS = Nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome

TSH =Thyroid stimulating hormone

Anuric = Not producing urine

ADHD = Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

ASCVD = Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

ARF = Acute renal (kidney) failure

BSO = Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

COPD = Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

CVA = Cerebrovascular accident

CPAP = Continuous positive airway pressure

LCIS = Lobular Carcinoma In Situ ( a type of breast cancer)

CABG. = Coronary artery bypass graft ( heart surgery)



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