List Of Digital Agriculture Investment platforms And options in Nigeria

List Of Digital Agriculture Investment platforms And options in Nigeria
List Of Digital Agriculture Investment platforms And options in Nigeria

List Of Digital Agriculture Investment platforms And options in Nigeria.

Agriculture has undergone a series of revolutions that have driven efficiency, yield and profitability to levels previously unattainable.

This has included the introduction and implementation of mechanization between 1900 and 1930; the green revolution of the 1960s that saw the development of new, more resistant crop varieties and the use of agro-chemicals; and the rise in genetic modification from 1990 to 2005.

However, the rise of digital agriculture could be the most transformative and disruptive of all of these. Digital agriculture will not only change how farmers farm but will fundamentally transform every part of the agri-business value chain.

A lot of people have been asking for some time what Digital Farm are all about and where they could buy and invest in it.

List of those doing well without issues for the now includes, but not limited to the following below:

1. Agro partnerships
2. Agrorite
3. Agrilet
4. Bazuze
5. Crowdyvest
6. Ezfarming
7. Farmcenta
8. Farmfunded
9. Farmsponsor
13. Farmbuddy
14. *Payfarmer*

List of New performing farms under Observation for now includes:

1. Groupfarma
2. ZoinVestng
3. Goldvest
4. Foxygreen
5. Kenfarms & Agrovet
6. GreenEaglesBuisness
7. Shopagric
8. Farmnow
9. Farm4me
10. Farmkonnect
11. RequidJV
12 Abadini
13. Green fold
14. Farmtrove
15. ClickfarmsNg
16. DivaRice
17. Eatrich

List of those with issues for now includes:

1. Thriveagric (delayed payment+ROI for months)
2. Farmfundsafrica (defaulted in paying referrals)
3. Goatmeathq (defaulted in paying referrals)
4. Emeraldfarms (defaulted in paying referrals)
5. Agrecourse (delayed payment+ROI for weeks)x2
6. Farmkart (delayed payment+ROI for months)
7. Iscom farms (deferred payments by months)
8. HOCorn (extended farming cycle)
9. Agropark (deferred payments for months)

List of those under critical watchlist includes:

1. Winichfarms (Suspected scam)
2. Efarms (Suspected scam)
3. Menorahfarms (Suspected scam)
4. Diaryfarms (suspected scam)
5. Tusherfarms (suspected scam)
6. Farminvest (suspected scam)
7. AgriBuisnessCapital (suspected scam tech by Menorah Farms)
8 Housefood.Africa ( suspected scam tech by MadakiAgro)

List of those declared serial defaulters aka MMM Ponzi scheme:

1. Growcrops online (serial defaulters)
2. Grandeur solicitors (serial defaulters)
3. Abiyamofarm (serial defaulters)
4. MadakiAgro (serial defaulters)

Cavet Emptor (the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made.):

This is solely based on recent performances as attested by some users and by no means a go ahead order/permit to invest with any of the above agrictech firms, hence further investigation should be carried out by the investor until convinced otherwise.

Agrictech is a high risk investment and investors may lose all or some of their funds when they participate.”
Some may think this sounds harsh, but I don’t agree. I think the point is missing that even those performing well today may fail tomorrow. These companies say as much in their terms, that the investment itself is “high-risk” and they are under no obligation to pay investors.
Don’t let’s ever make the mistake of communicating the feeling that these investments are safe, because honestly they are not. This is made even worse by the fact that investors don’t actually own the farms, i.e. they own no assets when they make these investments.

As a result, all cards still lie with the firms themselves. I foresee more people losing money in the future, and that’s only going to be with the firms supposedly performing well now, not with the ones that have had issues, cos nobody will invest in those ones anyways. This is just my take. Investors need to be better educated-binghamm


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