IOPC to probe Suffolk Police after black couple quizzed

IOPC to probe Suffolk Police after black couple quizzed. A complaint against police officers who accused a black woman of “jumping on the bandwagon” is to be probed by a watchdog.

Two officers asked Ingrid Antoine-Onikoyi and her husband Falil for their details after they had parked their car at their home, saying “because we can”.

The couple’s daughter Maja Antoine welcomed the investigation.

Suffolk Police said it had referred the complaint to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

The exchange outside their home in Ipswich in June was filmed on Mrs Antoine-Onikoyi’s mobile phone and has been viewed on Twitter more than two million times after it was shared by their daughter.

She said in her tweet: “It’s suspicious to walk from your car to your house, while black. The UK is not innocent.”

Media captionSuffolk Police officers ask for the black couple’s details “because we can”

Speaking to the BBC after receiving news of the IOPC investigation, Ms Antoine said: “I am pleased, as long as it is properly investigated. What we need is a proper apology.”

After the incident Suffolk Police said it was due to give a formal apology to the couple.

When the BBC submitted a Freedom of Information request to discover what action had been taken the police said: “The Joint Norfolk and Suffolk Professional Standards Department have recorded a complaint and referred the matter to the IOPC who are conducting an investigation.”

A Suffolk Police spokesman said the case was “voluntarily referred to the IOPC” which would “conduct an independent investigation into the complaint and therefore it would not be appropriate for the force to comment further at this time”.

The IOPC confirmed it had started an investigation.

The couple had just parked their cars on a residential street in Ipswich when a police car “blocked them in”.

Mrs Antoine-Onikoyi said: “They started questioning my husband, asking who he was, were our cars ours, and asking to see his driving licence.”



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