Infertility-List Of Common Causes And Treatment


Infertility-List Of Common Causes And Treatment.

Infertility is defined as when men and women are not able to have children. Sometimes a man and woman try to have children but the woman does not become pregnant.

Either the man or woman may be infertile (unable to bring about pregnancy). Often, nothing can be done to make the person fertile, but sometimes something can be done depending on the cause.

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  • Sterility : The person’s body is such that he or she can never have children. Some men and women are borne sterile.


  • Weaknesses or a nutritional lack : In some women, severe anemia, poor nutrition or lack of iodine may lower the chance of becoming pregnant. Or it may cause the unformed baby (embryo) to die, perhaps before the mother even knows that she is pregnant (miscarriage).

A woman who is not able to become pregnant or has had only miscarriages, should get enough nutritious food, use iodized salt and if she is severely anemic, take iron pills. These may increase her chance of becoming pregnant and having a healthy baby.


  • Chronic infection especially pelvic inflammatory disease due to gonorrhea or chlamydia is a common cause of infertility in women. Treatment may help if the disease has gone too far. Prevention and early treatment of gonorrhea is very important for women.


  • Men are sometimes unable to make their women pregnant because they have fewer sperm than normal. It may help if the man waits without having sex for several days before his woman enters her fertile days each month, midway between her last menstrual period and the next (Rhythm method and mucus method).

This way, he will give her his full amount of sperm when they have sex together on days when she is able to become pregnant.


WARNING : Hormones and other medicines commonly given to men  or women who cannot have babies almost never do any good, especially in men. Home remedies and magic cures are not likely to help either. Be careful not to waste your time and money on things that will not help.

If you are a woman and is not able to have a baby, there are still many possibilities for leading a happy and worthwhile life.

  • Perhaps you can arrange to care for or adopt children who are orphans or need a home. Many couples come to love such children just as if they were their own.
  • Perhaps you can become a health worker or help your community in other ways. The love you would give to your children, you can give to others and everyone will benefit.
  • You may live in a village where people look with shame on a woman who cannot have children.

Perhaps you and others can form a group to help those who have special needs and to show that having babies is not the only thing that makes a woman worthwhile.


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