Idiot-Patriots Star Patrick Chung Blasts Reporter’s ‘Idiot’ Tom Brady Theory


Idiot-Patriots Star Patrick Chung Blasts Reporter’s ‘Idiot’ Tom Brady Theory.

“I think that a lot of those players are like, ‘Do I want to do that to go in there and go 7-9 with Jarrett Stidham or Cam Newton or whatever we’re trying to do?’ […] “If Brady was there though, I don’t think 7-9 would be in the conversation, so no, I don’t think there would be this many players opting out because they would be championship caliber.”

This Tom Brady theory did not go down well with Patrick Chung. This made him call Curran out via Twitter after the Dan Patrick Show appearance, saying that he sounds “like an idiot” for floating the idea.

If Tom Brady was still with the Patriots, would this many players be opting out of the season? @TomECurran doesn’t think so. For Tom’s full appearance:

Damn Mr. Curran. I say this with love…. you sound like a idiot. Doesn’t hurt the friendship, you’re not in the dog house. But don’t let your job corrupt your brain man. You know better than that.


Curran apologized to Chung. Clearly they have a pretty good working relationship, because you don’t usually see interactions like this between player and reporter.



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