Hysteria-Signs And Treatment


Hysteria-Signs And Treatment.

Hysteria is can be defined as emotion or fright a person has had. The emotions or fright could be as a result of black magic, witchcraft or anything that brings fear to the person. Someone who has hysteria is always afraid and nervous.


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  • The person having hysteria may not be able to sleep.
  • You can lose weight as a result of this state.
  • The person can even die.
  • You can collapse.
  • The person behaves strangely.
  • The person shakes.



Hysteria is a state of fear which can be caused by anything in many people; it maybe a belief over a thing. For instance, in situations where a person is afraid that someone is casting an evil spell on him or her, this alone makes the person to become nervous, will not sleep well, start becoming weak, will start losing appetite and weight. And as this continues to happen, he or she becomes more nervous and afraid which makes this hysteria in the person getting more worse every day by day.


Hysteria can also be seen as means of escape from a condition or situation which a person cannot control or face. Lets take an example on this; In a situation where a high school or secondary school girl gets pregnant, the first fear that comes to the school girl is the parents disapproval, then the second fear is that she cannot be able to continue with her education for a long period of time. There are some attacks someone with hysteria can get, ranging from collapse or being unconscious which will definitely lead to taking the person to the hospital.


Coming to babies or little children, having bad dreams or nightmare can cause a child to cry out in his sleep and when the child wakes up, he or she becomes frightened. In health, there are situations where someone will have high fever from any illness, this can cause the person to start displaying some strange behavior (delirium) and making some strange speech. Early signs of tetanus, rabies; and also meningitis may be mistaken for hysteria.





When the hysteria is caused by a specific illness, treat the illness and also help the person to understand the cause and as well ask for medical advice if necessary.

When the hysteria is caused by fright, try to comfort the person and help him or her to understand that his or her fear itself is the cause of his or her problem.

In situations where the person is breathing very very hard and fast, it means that the body is getting too much air; which can be part of the problem.



  • Tingling of face, hands or feet.
  • The person being very frightened.
  • Muscle cramp.
  • Breathing fast and deep.
  • Fast pounding heartbeat.



  • Get him or her to put his or her face in a paper bag and breath slowly. He or she should continue breathing the same air for 2 or 3 minutes. This will definitely calm him or her down.
  • Keep the person quiet as quickly as possible.
  • Explain to the person that the problem (hysteria) is not dangerous and that he or she will soon be alright.


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