How To Solve A Phone Screen Touchpad Operating On Its Own

How To Solve A Phone Screen Touchpad Operating On Its Own
How To Solve A Phone Screen Touchpad Operating On Its Own

How To Solve A Phone Screen Touchpad Operating On Its Own.

This problem is common among different phones and tabs. It can be when your screen doesn’t respond to your tap, or when it responds without you touching your screen. If you are presently experiencing this, don’t be too quick to change your screen touch pad first try this out.

How To Solve A Phone Screen Touchpad Operating On Its Own

First of all, understand that your phone screen can operate on its own if it detects something conducting on its surface. Most android phones doesn’t detect any other touch except a touch that comes with your finger. But at times it can happen that your phones mistook heat signatures or static electricity on your screen as your finger touch. To fix your phone screen here is what you should do.

1. Clean your Phone screen surface with damp cloth

Use a semi wet cloth to clean the surface of your screen to get rid of oil and other heat signatures confusing your phone screen. Also wash your hands to get rid of oil; maintain clean hands while touching your phone.

2. Cool phone down

Like I mentioned earlier, heat can make your phone think someone is touching the screen. To do this, you can put off your phone and allow it to cool down. You can also switch it off and place in your fridge for just 60 seconds(1 minute) and remove.

3. Get rid of static electricity in your body

Since the human body conducts electricity, sometimes static electricity from your body, can settle on your phone screen and can cause it to operate it self. How to get rid of it, you can “earth” your self by holding a metal pole standing on the ground.

4. Use Safe mode to uninstall some apps

Now, this particular point worked for me yesterday when i wad trying to fix my fiancée phone. I was about to return the phone back to the dealer when I decided to try this out. How it works is that go into safe mode, and deactivate recently installed apps cause some apps might either have virus or poorly coded. After which restart the phone. Incase you are wondering how to go into safe mode. Switch off your phone and put it on before it loads hold down the volume bottom. Some options will appear then select safe mode.

5. Backup your files and format your phone

This should be done if all the above options didn’t work. Back up your files somewhere and hard reset your phone.

6. Change your screen/ return the phone to supplier

This should be the last option. If all the stated options above didn’t work, it might be your screen has problem. If your phone already has a cracked screen; chances are that the screen sensor is bad. It’s either you change your screen or return it back to your phone dealer. Note that if your phone has crack already the phone dealer might not accept it especially if the crack is caused by you.


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