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How To Prepare Packets And Boxes For Autoclaving

Below are the list for the preparation of packets and boxes for autoclaving.

DRESSING BOXES: When dressing, the packets are placed in a special designed cardboard boxes. For autoclaving, they should be loosely packed. This ensures that the steam can penetrate right through to the center of the box.

gauze pad or swab
gauze pad or swab

It is important not to mix the contents because different pressures and steams are used for different materials.


DRESSING PACKETS: This is prepared for only one dressing but for general use, each one should have a disposable dressing towel,gauze swabs,cotton wool,disposable tin foil gallipot. Then for the covering of the packet should be done with a cotton or water repellent material.


GLOVES: Yes you will agree with me that most hospitals are now using disposable gloves. This disposable gloves can or may be brought to the hospital in packets and also already sterilized using gamma radiation. Disposable gloves should be used once and then discard them. Though this disposable gloves can be autoclaved using steam under 35 pounds per square inch pressure and temperature of about 134 degrees centigrade for 3 and half minutes.





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