How To Increase Your Phone Speed

How To Increase Your Phone Speed
How To Increase Your Phone Speed

How To Increase Your Phone Speed.

One thing you should know is that most budget phones have a high tendency of getting slower when it gets old. Some phones even become slower in as short a time as a few months depending on how you use it.

This is not a death sentence as there are various ways of which you can handle this situation and boost the running speed of your phone and it won’t even cost you a dime.

The List

Some successful methods which android users can use to speed up their phones from 0 all the way to 100.

• Uninstall Apps

Like I said in my previous post, installing a lot of apps in your phone will definitely affect its perform when the apps become too much.

Some of us have dozens of useless apps on our phones and just leave them there dormant with the excuse that “we may need them one day“.

While this may be true, while you wait for the day you need those apps, they slow down your phone during that period.

Too many apps will definitely slow down your phone when it becomes too much.

If you want to speed up your device, go through your apps and uninstall all apps that you no longer use or haven’t used in a long time.

This will surely make your phone run faster and smoother than before.

• Free Your Storage

This is another major reason why some android phones become slower as I mentioned in my previous post.

The speed of an android phone is highly dependent on the available storage space on the phone.

This is why your phone always notifies you when your storage becomes too low.

If you want your phone to run faster and smoother, start by freeing your internal storage. Always ensure that you have at least 1GB of free storage if not more.

You can always backup your files on an SD card or any other medium but never fill up your internal storage.

• Use AntiVirus

Some people may not know or believe this but viruses actually exist on mobile phones and not just on computers.

There is a lot is smartphone malware across the internet and any user can expose their phone to such if care is not taken.

These viruses come in apps, files, or even visiting websites. Some of the nasty things that the viruses do can lead to your phone becoming slower and unstable.

One way to solve this is by installing any powerful antivirus app on your phone and using the app to flush your phone of any virus.

Who knows?, It might just be a virus that is slowing your phone down. You can get these apps for free on Play Store.

• Useful Apps

This is another very successful method is increasing any android phone speed. As a matter of fact, this method is guaranteed to increase the speed of any phone.

On Play Store, there are certain apps of which the primary function is to increase the speed of your phone.

These apps help you close unnecessary apps that are running in the background which improves your phones performance.

Some of these apps also offer the function of cooling down your CPU when over working. These apps also help show you other apps that use your CPU the most.

All these useful features are just a download away. Some examples of these apps include Clean Master, DU Speed Booster, GREENIFY, and much more.


As you can see, just as there are many ways in which your phone can get slower, there are also many ways for you to solve this problem.

As an android user, using a phone that slows down is a very frustrating experience so you’d want to find a solution as quickly as possible.


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