How to increase your hips and buttocks naturally

How to increase your hips and buttocks naturally
How to increase your hips and buttocks naturally
How to increase your hips and buttocks naturally

Anatomy of the Butt

Your body’s gluteal region is comprised of three major muscles that work together to move the legs and hips, provide balance, and offer stability during single-leg movements like walking, running, and climbing stairs.

gluteus maximus medius minimus anatomy

Gluteus maximus

Among the trinity of butt muscles, the gluteus maximus gets all the glory. As its name indicates, the G-max is not only the biggest gluteal muscle, it’s also the largest muscle in the human body. And, due to its superficial (closest to the surface) placement, it’s responsible for providing the booty’s famously rounded shape.

The gluteus maximus originates from the hip bone, sacrum, and tailbone. It runs across the rear at a 45-degree angle and inserts into the I.T. band and femur (thigh bone). The muscle’s primary function is hip extension, meaning that your gluteus maximus is (literally) behind everyday movements like standing up from a seated position, as well as athletic feats like the 40-yard dash.

Gluteus medius

Originating from the ilium and inserting atop the front of the femur, the gluteus medius is the fan-shaped muscle responsible for abducting (lifting out to the side) the leg. The gluteus medius is also charged with medial and lateral rotation, turning the leg so the knee faces inward and outward. Without a sufficiently strong gluteus medius, you can develop an altered walking/running gait, which can lead to a number of movement related issues.

Gluteus minimus

Despite its rank as the tiniest of all the butt muscles, the gluteus minimus plays a vital role in stabilizing the pelvis during walking and running. Originating from the ilium, the gluteus minimus attaches atop the femur. Like the gluteus medius, its main functions include lower limb abduction and medial rotation.

Eating for a Bigger Booty

If your goal is to get a bigger bum, doing the best butt workouts is just part of the equation. You also need to be strategic with your nutritional intake and supplementation. Healthy, fast-burning carbohydrates consumed before your butt workout will keep your energy consistent, from the first lunge down to the last jump squat. Just as important is your post-workout protein intake, which the body needs for muscle growth and repair.

Bigger hips and smaller waist is now the desire of any girl as it is considered that they add femininity and confidence to the personality. In order to get a toned and well-shaped body one need to work on their self a lot. But not all the ways are effective equally. To get a gracious and beautiful physique one need to figure out that what influences the size of the waist and hips.

The very first way of getting a bigger hips and smaller waist is the proper nutrition. The intake to proteins and fiber is recommended where it is advised to reduce the consumption of gluten and bakery products. A good and healthy diet is helpful in eliminating the toxins and waste from the body.

Exercise and Nutrition is the safest, natural and most effective way to widen the hips. Non-healthy foods makes to gain additional weight so it is best to take calories from the clean source which are packed with nutrition such as fruits, low fat dairy items, lean meats, veggies and whole grains.

The right type of work out and exercises are required for having the perfect figure. Along with this the main thing is to have willpower, eat right, exercise properly and stick to the plan. Some useful exercises for this purpose are as follows:

  • Squats
  • Sumo squats with dumb-bells
  • Planks
  • Abdominal crunches lying on the floor
  • Lifting the hips on one leg
  • Swinging foot on all fours
  • Side leg raises
  • Hip raises
  • Squat kicks
  • Lunges
  • Stair climbing
  • Donkey Kick

NOTE : There is a crucial fact connected with the larger hips which is that wide hips make the childbirth easy and safe. Women with wide hips are able to pass child easily and have less complications and reduces the chances of death during the process of delivery.


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