How To Get Pregnant Easily



How To Get Pregnant Easily.

In the society,different women face different problems when they are trying to conceive and have a baby.However,it may be easy for some women to get pregnant while stressful for others.For those finding it hard to get pregnant,here are some things one should observe;

Use of an ovulation test or application.

Many women of late always track their periods days by using of a phone application where one puts in her last period date and it will let you know when the next will be.The application also helps one know when her ovulation day is due hence one may make use of that day with their partner and try to conceive.However,this is accurate for those women with regular and consistent cycle. Those who have irregular cycle may use ovulation test where it’s use of urine test to detect whether there is a raise in LH that is suitable for one to conceive at that time.

Decrease one’s coffee consumption.

Studies have shown that caffeine features a negative impact on women fertility in that caffeine causes a relaxation of the cells of the Fallopian tube muscles which helps in moving the eggs to the uterus.Thus ,since the muscles are relaxed and weak,there will be no movement of the eggs to the uterus.Thus ,one is advised to reduce their consumption of coffee if they want to get pregnant.

Take supplement or add key food to your menu.

Studies have shown that a number of foods promotes fertility in women and also increase the extent of fertility in men.These foods may include;foods rich in vitamin D,milk,yogurt and cheese,foods rich in in zinc,crabs,and calcium,foods rich in vitamin C,broccoli,oranges,foods reach in vitamin B2,spinach and beans and omega 3,fish.

If one is not able to eat these foods,he or she can compensate with supplements which often consists of a healthy diet.

Avoid drinking alcohol.

When trying to conceive,one is advised to stop drinking alcohol since it affects the fertility for both the women and men.By doing so ,one may increase their chances of getting pregnant.

Roll in the hay often .

The key thing to get pregnant is to make love with your partner and it should be at the right time .To the women with a regular cycle of 28days ,one may be able to predict her ovulation day,which is usually 14th day after her periods.Which would give the couple a prefect chance to plan to get pregnant and for fertilization to take place.

Avoid stressful situations.

Studies have shown that there is a correlation between infertility and stress hence one is advised not to put themselves in stressful situations if they can.And if one can’t avoid it,one should always allocate themselves time to relax and getaway for a while.


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