How to find or locate a lost phone with google

How to find or locate a lost phone with google
How to find or locate a lost phone with google

How to find or locate a lost phone with google.

Yes, Google has become the most trusted thing in the world. No matter what happens, we always have Google stuff that confuses us. But did you know that there are many things on Google that we are not aware of? Many of them helped us to say goodbye quickly. Here I bring you some tips and tricks to help you use Google effectively.

1. Show it on the big screen

   How many of us have problems with a small screen? Now Google has a solution for you in this case! Go to the tab you want to see on your TV, click on the Chrome settings menu and click Cast. You can easily use Google on your TV, it’s no longer limited to pictures and phone.

2. Make a roll of roll

Here is a cool Google trick that everyone will love. Search for “roll a tong” in the search box and wait for the magic to happen!

3. Tilt the display.

The rocker function follows the same lines already mentioned. Type “slope” and view the angles of the search results. You can also use the word “crooked”, try it.

4. Google’s severity

  This is one of the coolest tricks on the list. Type in your browser. Then search for “Google Gravity” in the search box and click “I’m feeling lucky”. Google will literally collapse as an example of the answer.

5. Clear browser data, cookies and cache data

    Ok, so it’s really easy! We don’t show others what we do in our browser! Just type chrome: // setting / clearBrowserData in the address bar and hit enter. Simple solution, but with only one step!

6.   Find your lost phone

Yes, you can also search for your lost phone on Google. If your phone is synchronized with Google, type “Find my phone” in the address and Google will open a page and the corresponding map to help you locate your phone.


You can customize your browser just as easily to your needs and you don’t have to do it as usual. You can customize your Google Chrome web browser with a new look from the theme store by entering the following URL in the address bar: theme.


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