How To Check Baby Position In Womb



How To Check Baby Position In Womb.

To make sure the baby is head down, in the normal position for birth, feel for his head by:

Having the mother breathe out all the way:

  • With your thumb and two fingers, push in just above the pelvic bone, below the navel.
  • With the other hand, feel the top of the womb.
  • The baby’s butt is larger and wider at the top of the womb; just below the breast.
  • The baby’s head is hard and round just above the pelvic bone.
  • When the baby’s butt is down, just above the pelvic bone feels larger low down.

Push gently from side to side, first with one hand then the other:

  • If the baby’s butt is pushed gently sideways, the baby’s whole body will move too.
  • But if the head is pushed gently side-ways, it will bend at the neck and the back will not move.
  • If the baby still is high in the womb, you can move the head a little. But if it has already engaged (dropped lower) getting ready for birth, you cannot move it.
  • A woman’s first baby sometimes engages 2 weeks before labor begins. Later, babies may engage until labor starts.

If the baby’s head is down, his or her birth is likely to go well.

If the baby’s head is up, the birth may be more difficult (a breech birth), and it is safer for the mother to give birth in or near a hospital.

If the baby is sideways, the mother should have her baby in a hospital.



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