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How Does A Person Get Als Disease

Here, i will be talking about the Als disease, how you can get this disease, what causes this disease and the possible treatment to this Als disease.

Als disease is known to be a motor neuron disease which can lead to the death of the neurons in charge or in control of the nervous muscle. These neurons controls the nervous muscles in the brain and also the spinal cord.

Als simply means Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. In the United States Of America, this disease is known to affect more of the white people than the black people.

The medical practitioners that takes care of the people that are affected by this disease are the neurologists.

When you have Als, you are going to face some difficulties in making use of some parts of your body and mind. The difficulties are as follows:

1.  You will start losing the ability to walk.

2.  Inability to use your hands.

3.  Inability to speak.

4.  Finding it difficult to breath.

5.  You will start becoming weak ( this is caused when the voluntary or nervous muscles starts decreasing in size).

6.  You will start experiencing difficulties when trying to swallow something.

7.  Your muscles will start becoming stiff and twitching.

Lets  talk about what causes Als disease and how one can get this Als disease.




Nothing has been specified to be the main cause of Als disease but is believed that Als disease can be inherited; which means that it has something to do with the genetic of an individual; meaning that you can get Als disease from your parents.



Smoking is really seen as a risk factor; you can get Als disease from smoking and women who smoke stand a higher risk of this disease than men that smokes.



Some viral infections, often exposure to metals and dangerous chemicals can be a very high risk. Especially those that are in the military who are always exposed to metals and some dangerous chemicals may be used for explosive productions stand a very high risk of getting Als disease in the long run.

Note that most people who suffer from Als disease die of respiratory problem. That is having difficulties in breathing.



Someone who has this Als disease is expected to live for about 2-4 years from the period this Als disease is being diagnosed.

Also know that Als is being diagnosed based on the type of symptoms or signs that person is experiencing.



Yes this is the moment we have been waiting for; that is to know if this Als disease can be cured or treated.

The Als disease cannot be treated, it has no cure but there are drugs which are being used to sustain and improve the health condition of the person. Note that these drugs cannot stop the increasing effects of this disease rather it subsides it for some period of time. An example of the drug used is known as Riluzole. This drug extends or shifts the life expectancy of the person maybe for about two to three months.

You can as well use non-invasive ventilation for the improvement or sustainability of the person. This also elongates the life expectancy of the person.



I know you have been wondering of what age can this Als disease start affecting an individual. The Als disease can affect anybody of any age. Although the disease affects most people at the age of 60 and above; then for those that inherited it from their parents starts manifesting from the age of 50 and above.



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