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How Do You Treat Sprain.

Yes there are ways in which you can treat sprain. But lets start from what sprain is?

A sprain happens when there is a forcible wrenching and stretching of the muscles, ligaments and tendons which are surrounding a joint. There are so many signs or symptoms that you can feel whenever you have a sprain.



1.  Bruising will occur later due to bleeding from the torn structures.

2.  Severe pain and also the pain increasing in severity with any movement of the part affected.

3.  The area affected will be marked tenderness(swollen, injured).

4.  There will be a severe shock and the patient may faint.

5.  In sprain, there is no deformity of the body part affected.

6.  There will be loss of power in the part but cannot be seen as fracture.


Let’s talk about the treatment of sprain. There are different ways in which you can treat sprain like i said earlier on.


It is probably safer to treat the injury as a fracture until proved otherwise, particularly if the pain is severe. If the first-aid worker is sure that only a sprain has occurred then the following treatment can be carried out.

1.  Expose the joint and apply firm pressure to it. This can be done by surrounding the joint with a pad of cotton-wool and bandaging it firmly in position. If the pad is made wet with cold water, this will help to tighten it.

2.  The area should be kept at rest and if a joint of the leg is involved, the person should not bear weight on it.

3.  In most cases, it is safer to obtain medical aid or arrange to transport the patient to the hospital for a proper x-ray and medical attention.

Note that sprains occur mostly or commonly at the freely movable joints of the limbs. The most common sites are the Ankle and the Wrist.


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