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How Do You Bathe A Baby

For a newborn baby, all need to do is to bath the baby with a sponge. Wipe the eyes with cotton wool swabs wrung out with boric lotion. One swab should be used for each eye and the eye should be wiped from the nose outwards. After use, the swabs should be placed in the receiver for soiled swabs.

Baby bath



1.  A baby bath in a stand.

2.  Jug of hot water at a temperature of 43 degree centigrade(110 degree F).

3.  Jug of cold water.

4.  Pail for soiled napkins.

5.  Clean clothes for the baby to wear after the bath.

6.  Waterproof and turkish towelling aprons.


A tray should be set with the following requirements and should be placed in a position convenient to the you when you are bathing the baby.

1.  Bath thermometer

2.  Two gallipots, one with a prescribed mild antiseptic lotion, such as warm boric lotion and the other with cotton swabs.

3.  Receiver for soiled swabs.

4.  Baby soap in a soap dish

5.  Container with a face cloth or towel

6.  Asuitable ointment in a gallipot(this is used for the baby’s buttocks)

7.  Talcum powder



1.  The windows should be closed if necessary.

2.  The preparation tray should be placed in position

3.  The clean clothing, in the order in which it will be put on, should be laid ready and easily accessible.

4.  The bath should be prepared by pouring in the cold water first, then enough hot water to make the final temperature 38 degrees centigrade(100 degree F).

5.  The bath should be at knee level and a low chair used.



1.  Remove all the baby’s clothing and wrap him in a bath towel.


2.  If there is any discharge in the nostrils they should be swabbed gently with boric lotion and used swabs placed in the receiver.


3.  Wash the baby’s face with a cotton wool swab( soap is not used), then dry it gently with the towel.


4.  Hold the baby wrapped in the blanket, with his feet tucked under the left arm and his head resting on the left hand, over the edge of the bath. The baby’s hair is then washed with soap and water, rinsed carefully and dried with the bath towel. Use her hand to wash the hair.


5.  The baby is lifted into the bath, to do this you will have to slip your left hand under the baby’s shoulder and grasps the baby’s upper arm. The baby’s head will rest on your forearm. Then you can pass your right hand under the baby’s buttocks and grasp the baby’s left thigh. In this way, the can be lifted into the bath with every confidence because the head and shoulders are suitably supported. While the baby is in the bath, you can use your right hand to wash all the soap off the baby’s body, taking special care to see that there is no soap left in the folds of the axillae and the groins.


6.  The baby is lifted from the bath in the same way and dried thoroughly but gently. A little talcum powder may be applied to the axillae and the groins. If the buttocks are discoloured and look sore, a little warm ointment should be applied.


7.  The baby can now be dressed in clean clothing. This should be done with as little turning as possible. If the baby has been bathed just before a feed, the baby should be given to the mother to be fed.



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