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How Do I Make A Poultices.

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Below we will be discussing how you can make or prepare a poultice most especially, a kaolin poultice. Before i go down to how you can make a poultice, lets talk about what poultice is all about. Poultice is a hot moist application of a soft consistency. Most of poultice contain an oily substance which helps to retain heat, making them active for several hours.


Poultices are applied to relieve pain, for example in pneumonia and pleurisy (This involves inflammation of the tissue layers (pleura) lining the lungs and inner chest wall) and to assist the inflammatory process by increasing the blood supply to the area to which it is supplied.

This kaolin poultice contains a proprietary preparation known as antiphlogistine. The content of the kaolin poultice are as follows:

1.  Glycerine.

2.  China clay.

3.  Borax.

4.  Oil of peppermint.

5.  Menthol.

6.  Methyl salicylate.


You can make the kaolin poultice in the kitchen or in the dressing room. There are some materials that you will need before you can be able to make a kaolin poultice. They are:

1.   A tin of kaolin.

2.   A saucepan of boiling water.

3.   A poultice board.

4.   A jug of boiling water.

5.   A spatula or palette knife.

6.   Two plates either enamel or crockery.

7.   A piece of linen or cotton cut to the required size.

8.   A single layer of gauze, quarter of an inch smaller all round than the linen.

9.   A tray on which you can carry out the poultice.

10. A dressing bowl or kidney dish with a piece of warmed cotton wool, half an inch larger than the poultice, a bandage or binder and safety pins.

11. A gallipot with cotton-wool swabs.

12. A bottle of olive oil in a bowl of warm water.

13. A gallipot for the olive oil.

14. A receiver for used swabs and for the old poultice if there has been a previous application.



Below are the steps you will have to follow to make a poultice ( a kaolin poultice).

Place the tin of kaolin in the pan of boiling water on the stove or bursen burner and loosen the lid of the tin. Allow the water to simmer for long enough to heat the kaolin. Place the spatula in the jug of boiling water to heat it and stir the contents of the tin with it occasionally to ensure that the kaolin is evenly heated throughout. Place the two plates to heat.

Prepare the linen by cutting out the corners so that the edges may be turned over more easily. When the kaolin is hot enough, remove the tin of kaolin from the pan and place it on the poultice board. Remove the lid and with the heated spatula, spread the kaolin evenly over the linen a quarter of an inch thick. Cover the poultice with the single layer of gauze and turn in the edges. Place the poultice between the warm plates. Then put them on the tray.


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