Health Belief Model-Questions And Answers


Health Belief Model-Questions And Answers

Health belief model education is very important, perhaps some of the beliefs of your people are similar. Think about ways to learn which belief in your area lead to a better health and which do not.

Question : Is it true that when the soft spot on top of a baby’s head sinks inward (Sunken Fontanel), this means that the baby will die of diarrhea unless he or she gets special treatment ?

ANSWER : This is often true. The soft spot sinks because the baby has lost too much liquid. Unless he or she gets more liquid as quickly as possible. Or else he or she may die.


Question : Is it true that if the light of the eclipsing moon falls on a pregnant woman, her child will be born deformed or retarded ?

Answer : This is not true, But children may be born retarded, deaf or deformed if the mother does not use iodized salt, and other things done by the mother during pregnancy can as well cause deformity.


Question : Is it true that mothers should give birth in a darkened room ?

Answer : It is true that soft light is easier on the eyes of both the mother and the newborn child. But there should be enough light for the midwife to see what she is doing.


Question : Is it true that a newborn baby should not be bathed until the cord falls off ?

Answer : True, The stump of the cord should be kept dry until it falls off. But the baby can be gently cleaned with a clean soft damp cloth.


Question : How many days after given birth should a mother wait before she bathes ?

Answer : A mother should wash with warm water that day after given birth. The custom of not bathing for weeks following childbirth can lead to infections.


Question : Is it true that semen (sperm) poisons the mother’s breast milk ?

Answer : Not true. However, the custom of not having sex as long as the baby continues to breast feed does protect the baby by making sure that the mother does not get pregnant again too soon.


Question : Is it true that traditional breast feeding is better than modern bottle feeding ?

Answer : True. Breast milk is the best food and also helps to protect the baby against infection. The yellow-colored milk (colostrum) that comes out first is very important and good for the baby.


Question : What foods should women avoid during pregnancy and in the first few weeks after childbirth ?

Answer : During pregnancy and in the weeks following childbirth, women should not avoid any nutritious foods. They should eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, eggs, whole grains and beans.


Question : Is it a good idea to bathe a sick person, or will it do him or her any harm ?

Answer : It is a good idea. Sick people should be bathed in warm water every day.


Question : Is it true that oranges, guavas and other fruits are harmful when one has a cold or fever ?

Answer : No. All fruits and juices are helpful when one has a cold or a fever. They do not cause congestion or harm of any kind.


Question : Is it true that when a person has a high fever, he or she should be wrapped up so that the air will not harm him or her ?

Answer :  No. When a person has a high fever, take off all covers and clothing. Let the air reach his or her body. This will help the fever go down.


Question : Is it true that some babies are born to die ?

Answer : No. But some children are born with a weakness of the blood, which often leads to early death.


Question : Is it true that tea made from Neem tree bark will help bring fever down and stop pain ?

Answer : True. It helps. Neem tree bark has a natural medicine in it. Neem seed oil applied to the body keeps away mosquito.


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