Global Warming breaks Canada’s last intact ice shelf


Global Warming breaks Canada’s last intact ice shelf.

43 percent of Canada’s 4,000-year-old Milne Ice Shelf on the northwestern edge of Ellesmere Island has been broken by the global warming.
This ice shelf has always been known as the country’s last intact ice shelf until the end of July when ice analyst Adrienne White of the Canadian Ice Service noticed that satellite photos showed that about 43 per cent of it had broken off.

The breakage happened around 30th and 31st of July.

White said that the two gigantic icebergs is formed alongside with other lots of smaller ones, and all of them have started moving away. Out of the two icebergs, the biggest of them is about the size of Manhattan 21 square miles (55 square kilometers) and 7 miles long (11.5 kilometers). They are 230 to 260 feet (70 to 80 meters) thick.


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