Diabetes-Early Signs,Test,Diet And Control


Diabetes-Early Signs,Test,Diet And Control.

Persons with diabetes have too much sugar in their blood. This can start when a person is young (juvenile diabetes) or older (adult diabetes). It is usually more serious in young people and they need special medicine (insulin) to control it. But it is most common in people over the age of 40 who eat too much and get fat.



  • Always thirsty
  • Always tired
  • Always hungry
  • Weight loss
  • Urinates often and a lot



  • Frequent vaginal infections
  • Itchy skin
  • Periods of blurry eyesight
  • Some loss of feeling in hands or feet
  • Sores on the feet that do not heal
  • Loss of consciousness (always in extreme cases)

All these signs may be caused by other diseases. In order to find out at home whether a person has diabetes, you have to do the following :



  • Test his or her urine to see if there is sugar in it. Because one major way to test the urine at home is to taste it.
  • If the urine tastes sweet to you, have two other people to taste it.
  • Have them also taste the urine of three other people.
  • If everyone agrees that the same person’s urine is sweeter, he or she is probably diabetic.


NOTE : Make sure you do not taste urine if there is any chance he or she has AIDS.

Another way of testing urine is to use special paper strips (for example URISTIX). If these change color when dipped in the urine, it has sugar in it.

If the person is a child or young adult, he or she should be seen by an experienced health worker or doctor. Insulin injection may be needed.

When a person gets diabetes after he or she is 40 years old, it can often be best controlled without medicines, it can be done by eating correctly. The diabetic person’s diet is very important and must be followed carefully for life.



Fat people with diabetes should lose weight until their weight is normal. Diabetic person must not eat any sugar or sweets or foods that tastes sweet unless being directed by the doctor or severe cases. It is important for them to eat lots of high-fiber foods such as whole grain breads. But a diabetic person should also eat some other starchy foods like beans, rice, potatoes and also foods high in protein.



Diabetes in adults can sometimes be helped by drinking the sap of the prickly pear cactus(nopal, opuntia). To prepare this, cut the cactus into small pieces and crush them to squeeze out the liquid. Drink one and half cups of the liquid three times in a day before meals.

To prevent infection and injury to the skin, you must clean the teeth after eating, keep the skin clean and always wear shoes to prevent foot injuries. For poor circulation in the feet ( dark color, numbness), rest often with the feet up. Then also follow the same recommendations for varicose veins ( veins that are swollen and often pain)


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