Dengue Fever-Causes,Signs,Prevention And Treatment


Dengue Fever-Causes,Signs,Prevention And Treatment.

Dengue fever is also known as Breakbone fever and Dandy fever. The illness is sometimes confused with malaria. It is caused by a virus which is being spread by a type of mosquito known as the Aedes mosquito.

Aedes mosquito

In recent years, it has become much more common in many countries. It often occurs in epidemics (many persons get it at the same time), usually during the hot or rainy season. A person can get dengue more than once.

Repeat illness are often worse.



  • Sudden high fever with chills.
  • Severe body aches, headache and sore throat.
  • The Person feels very ill, weak, miserable.
  • After 3 to 4 days, the person feels better for a few hours to 2 days.
  • Then illness returns for 1 or 2 days, often with a rash that begins on hands and feet.
  • The rash then spreads to arms, legs and finally the body (usually not the face).
  • In some cases, there may be bleeding into the skin (having small dark spots) or elsewhere.



  • To prevent dengue, you have to control mosquitos.
  • Protect yourself against their bite.
  • If you feel the signs and symptoms, visit a health center.
  • Make sure that you use mosquito nets that are treated on your windows and doors if you are living or travelling to areas where dengue fever is endemic.
  • Make sure that you cover yourself properly whenever you want to go out in areas where there are more Aedes mosquitos.
  • Use insecticides or mosquito repellent inside the house.
  • Treat anybody that gets infected by dengue fever in the family to avoid infecting others.
  • Avoid stagnant water around your house to prevent the breed of these mosquitos.



  • No medicine cures it, but the illness goes away by itself in a few days.
  • Rest, take lots of liquid, take acetaminophen (paracetamol) but not aspirin for fever and pain.
  • In case of severe bleeding, treat for shock if necessary.


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