Corrupt SD Card Recovery



Corrupt SD Card Recovery.

SD card, also known as memory card is an attachment to mobile phones, as it helps when the system memory of a phone is full and unable to save files again.

Unfortunately, memory card can get corrupted and most people believe that when it gets corrupted, it can’t be fixed anynore than to get a new one.

Moreover, most of us have countless saved files on it. The good news is that it can be fixed. Below are steps to fix your corrupted SD card;

1. Get the corrupted SD CARD and a SHARP RAZOR BLADE.

2. Use the Sharp razor blade to clean the contact pins of the SD card by making some light scratch on it.

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3. After thorough cleaning, take a clean cotton bud stick and clean the contact pins.

4. Clean again with the Sharp Razor blade.

5. Fix the memory card in to your mobile phone again and you can now use it again.


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