Circumcision-In Male And Female


Circumcision-In Male And Female.

Circumcision can be defined as the surgical removal of the long foreskin covering the end of the penis and also the cutting out of the clitoris in female.

In many countries, circumcision is carried out on male children and in some communities on female children as well, as an essential ritual required by the elders (Religious believe). From a health point of view, in boys it usually does no harm.

Many people circumcise their male children; having different personal reasons. It could be be for easy sensation and ejaculation when the boy grows up, it could be to avoid difficulty in urine passing, it could be religious believe and so many other reasons.

For Girls, it is harmful and should be strongly discouraged  from the health point of view. We will discuss about the dangerous effects of it in female.



A baby boy is born with a long foreskin covering the end of his penis (the glans). As long as the urine comes out of the hole at the tip, the mother should be reassured that all is well.

The foreskin usually will not pull back the glans over fully till the boy is 4 years old, and the mother should not try to push the foreskin back by force. This natural slow development of the penis will not cause the boy to be impotent when he grows up.

NOTE : To some people, circumcision is not essential while to some people, it is essential.

However, if the foreskin becomes red, swollen and so tight that the urine cannot be passed by the baby without pain, know that this is not normal. It is then necessary to take him to a health center for a circumcision to be done as quickly as possible.

If a healthy baby boy is to be circumcised as a family ritual, then a midwife or person with experience may do a limited operation using a new razor blade or a new surgical scissors. She will cut off a little of the foreskin beyond the glans, which can be felt as a bulge through the skin of the penis.

After the cut, there will be some bleeding, and the penis should be held firmly with a piece of clean cloth or gauze for 2 to 5 minutes till the bleeding stops. Some circumcisers use the juice from leaves like bitter leaf to speed up clotting and reduce the amount of bleeding.



  • Hold the infant penis firm.
  • Pull the foreskin upward.
  • Cut the excess foreskin when you notice that the tip of the penis is bulging.
  • After that, you can then see that the tip of the penis (glans) that was bulging inside the foreskin can now be seen.

Lets use the following banana pictures as an illustration :




If the bleeding does not stop, the clots of blood should be washed away with clean water and the end of the penis pinched between the fingers with a piece of clean cloth, while the child is carried to a health center for better care. Delay may be dangerous. No medicine should be used.



The so called ‘female circumcision’ required by some traditions involves cutting out the clitoris, this is the sensitive little soft knob at the front end of the vagina. In some cases, part of the vaginal lips are also cut away.

Stop Female Genital Mutilation Concept


Removing the clitoris is as bad as cutting off the end of the penis of a boy. Just as the picture below is showing using a carrot :


It should not be done. Those who have the more extensive operation often have difficulties in delivering babies.

When the operation is done by a traditional circumciser, bleeding may be severe despite the use of medicinal leaves. If unchecked, the child can die. If such a case with bleeding is seen, the clots should be washed away to find the point where the blood is coming from.

The thumb should be put firmly exactly on the bleeding spot for about 5 minutes. This may stop the bleeding, but if not, carry the child to a health center for skilled help as quickly as possible.


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